Safety and Pool Rules

We want all our guests to feel safe and secure. Our motto is "god steming" which roughly translates to good times. To achieve this, we require all guests to obey the following rules.

All swimming is done at your own risk.

Alert a lifeguard if you see anyone in need of help.

Children under 12 and people who can't swim


  • You must be at least 12 years old and a competent swimmer to use Nordnes Sjøbad on your own.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by someone over 18 who can swim.
  • Children under 10 must be accompanied in the pool by someone at least 18 years old who can swim.
  • Sea swimming. Only competent swimmers are allowed to bathe in the sea alone. For extra safety, lifejackets can be borrowed, but this does not change the fact that only competent swimmers can swim alone in the sea. Remember that the water temperature, currents and waves can be challenging. The sea is between 13 and 40 metres deep around Nordnes Sjøbad. Do not swim outside the marked area!
  • Each adult (over 18) who can swim can accompany at most 3 children under 12 (or 3 non-swimmers of any age). They must stay with and be in control of the whole group at all times.
  • For a definition of what it means to be a competent swimmer, see below.
Before bathing


Does not apply to sea swimming.

  • Before bathing, you must wash your entire body and hair with soap. Swimsuits must be clean and put on after you have washed yourself. Bathing in underwear is not allowed.
  • Children of nappy/daiper wearing age must wear a swim nappy.
  • Guests who for religious or cultural reasons wish to bathe in full body swimsuits, must wash their entire body and hair and put on a clean swimsuit before coming to Nordnes Sjøbad.
Safety for schools and watersports clubs


  • A school's headteacher/principal is responsible for ensuring that pupils undergoing swimming lessons are accompanied by an adequate number of assistants in accordance with guidance from the education authorities and that these assistants have received suitable lifeguard training.
  • A watersports club's leaders are responsible for the safety of participants and that the person in charge of each training session has sufficient lifeguard training.
  • If you have questions, please contact a lifeguard or other member of staff.
Liability, drugs and photography


  • All activities are undertaken at your own risk. Inform a lifeguard if you see someone who needs assistance.
  • Everyone who uses Nordnes Sjøbad must obey our lifeguards' instructions
  • Intoxicated or rowdy people, as well as people with open wounds, will be asked to leave.
  • All types of photographic and video equipment, including mobile phones, are banned from the showers and changing rooms. Cameras are allowed in Nordnes Sjøbad but please inform a lifeguard before taking photos.


  • Personal grooming, such as shaving or nail-clipping is not allowed in the changing rooms.
  • Smoking, barabecuing and open fires are not allowed at Nordnes Sjøbad, both out of courtesy to other guests and to prevent fires.
  • Take care of your personal belongings. Nordnes Sjøbad are not responsible for lost property. Forgotten clothes are kept for 4 weeks and then given to charity. Other valuables are kept in reception for about a month before being handed over to the police.
  • Not obeying our rules can lead to explulsion.
Bathing, swimming, sliding, jumping and diving


  • Do not run in the shower or pool areas. We recommend that small children wear swimshoes
  • Never pull anyone under the water or dive onto someone in the pool.
  • Diving and jumping into the pools is prohibited because of their limited depth. Make sure that no one is swimming below you before jumping or diving into the sea. You are responsible for not jumping/diving onto someone.
  • Do not take any item into the arena which could cause injury or damage, for example: glass, nails, plasters, bandages or chewing gum. This includes equipment such as swimming masks that contain glass. Only plastic equipment should be used.
  • Snorkels and large pool toys are not allowed in the pools. Snorkels may be allowed during swimming lessons and in the sea. Pool toys are allowed in the sea.

(Ref: Swimming association and competancy target for swimming lessons in schools - U.dir 2015) "A competent swimmer is one who can fall into deep water, swim 100m on their front whilst diving to retreive and object with their hands, stop and rest for 3 minutes (whilst floating on their stomach, orientating themselves to their surroundings, rolling over and floating on their back) and then swim 100 meters on their back before exiting the water."

On behalf of Nordnes Sjøbad, September 2019.

Håkon A. Egeberg Johansen Managing Director

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